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TVpad Zone's sole purpose is to offer information on the TVpad and help users with questions that we may be able to answer.

TVpad Zone is not involved in any selling or service providing of the TVpad. Using our discount code (15819288) to buy the TVpad will provide us with a bit of commission, which will allow us to continue running the TVpad Zone website. We hope to be able to continue to provide the latest news, updates, and information about the TVpad to all users, and in the meantime we hope you will continue to support us by referring our coupon code to other interested buyers. Thank you for your support!




 TVpad supports external Wifi; the device itself has no network card internally. If wished to connect wirelessly, you need to connect through a wireless dingle. The following are the steps to installing the wireless dingle:

1. Insert the dingle via USB (TVpad Zone recommend using the model that the official TVpad site suggests- DWA-125; if not sold in your vicinity, you can order it from TVpad official site). The lower right corner of the screen should pop up the following icon:   

2. Go to Settings -> Wifi Settings:

3. Search for your local wifi network (must of course first be set-up, if not done already). If the wifi signal strength is under 50% it is strongly strongly advised to look for another method to connect, or more specifically, through wired ethernet connection.

4. After selecting your network, enter your password (TVpad supports WEP, WPA/WPA2, but WPA2 doesn't work very well and often requires multiple attempts before succeeding). Keep in mind that the password is Case-Sensitive.

5. Choose method to retreiving the IP. This will depend on how you set-up your router. If your router's DHCP service is not activated, you must play around it with some difficult methods (only for advanced users!). Casual users are advised to ask to retreive IP automatically. In addition, beware if your router has activated the MAC filter!

6. Submit and your Wifi should be all set.

7. If everything OK, the lower right corner of the screen should show the following icon: