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TVpad Zone's sole purpose is to offer information on the TVpad and help users with questions that we may be able to answer.

TVpad Zone is not involved in any selling or service providing of the TVpad. Using our discount code (15819288) to buy the TVpad will provide us with a bit of commission, which will allow us to continue running the TVpad Zone website. We hope to be able to continue to provide the latest news, updates, and information about the TVpad to all users, and in the meantime we hope you will continue to support us by referring our coupon code to other interested buyers. Thank you for your support!




A. General Questions

1. What's the main differences between TVPads and other set top box available in the market?
  The difference between TVPad and other set top box devices is like the difference between a smartphone and a regular cellphone. In particular, TVPad allows personalization, giving the user freedom to install different apps, adjusting functions based on the user's needs and liking. In contrast, other devices so far have very limited customization and are monotone in functions.
  Currently TVpad uses Android as its operation system and relies on many of the biggest, most dependable video streaming softwares such as PPS, PPLive, BETV, UUSEE, XunLei, etc. The network streaming uses an upgraded P2P service, thus providing stable and high quality pictures. Users can first download the corresponding software on the computer first and see if it runs well in the area. The result on the computer should be exactly the same as it would be on the TVpad, so it provides a quick test.
  On the other hand most other normal set top box's content links from mainland's sources without permission, with terrible qualities. At the same time since they are linked without permissions, once the source is notified, the service might be stopped and users might be unable to watch anything anymore. Currently most of these sources CND as a mean of network sharing, thus with an already low quality service in mainland, when used overseas will become almost unwatchable. TVpad has taken a revolutionary step in the set top box world. 

02. Why do some TVpads in the market contain an imprint of the TVpad simple, while others don't?
All manufactured M121S and M121 versions 2.70 and beyond have the imprint. Older versions and imposing devices don't.

03. How do I check the firmware version?
Go to Settings -> System Info.

04. What programs can the TVpad provide live?
While the TVpad device itself does not provide any channels, it allows installation of a number of apps that stream all types of different channels. You can visit TVpad's official forum to find the streaming apps needed.

05. How to identify between the first and second generation of TVpad?
The first generation of TVpads uses firmware v.1.xx, whereas the second generation uses v2.xx or v3.xx, thus the names.

06. How to upgrade my TVpad from v1.xx to v2.xx or 3.xx?
Unfortunately that is impossible. However, you can contact TVpad and request an upgrade replacement, with a charge of processing fees/shipping costs.

07. Currently within Mainland China I can only watch HiTV and nothing else. Why is that?
BETV and other related apps have received IP restrictions, thus in some areas of the country users will be unable to use them.

08. So is TVpad usable in Mainland China?
Most live and recorded channels can not be viewed in China right now. Due to the restrictions, TVpad is regrettably not recommended for users resided there. The device is mainly targetted for people overseas.

09. How to purchase TVpad?
Users can directly purchase TVpads online from the official website. Before checking out make sure to use the $30-off discount coupon code (15819288).

10. I have just bought a TVpad from their website. How do I track the order status?
If you have registered for an account, you can log in at the official website and check the status of your order under the user central's order history.
If you did not register for an account, when you made the purchase you were automatically assigned an userid (the email address used). Use that userid and the password chosen to log in at the official website to check the status of your order under the user central's order history.

11. How long does it take approximately for my order to arrive?
TVpad partners with UPS and DHL for shipping. You can expect to receive your TVpad within 5 business days except in remote areas.

12. What are TVpad's terms of warranty?
With a defective device, you are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of receiving the product. There is also an additional 1-year warranty.

B. Hardware-related Questions

01. Are there three different models of TVpad? What are their differences?
The second generation of TVpad has three different models, M120, M121 and M121S. For details, you can check out web page of TVpad Latest Model and Older Models

02. Are there two different remote controllers that come with the TVpad? What are their differences?
The old remote comes with TVpad v2.70 and older, while TVpad after that comes with a newly introduced remote. The main difference between the two is that the new remote has the capability to operate your TV as well, and can thus in effect replace your TV remote.

03. Can the old and new remote be used interchangably?
Yes they can be. They both contain the same remote control code and thus you can use either to control any versions of TVpad.

04. How do I set up the new remote to control my TV?
For setups of the new remote, please look under our remote set up subsection.

05. Does the TVpad support AV output?
The model currently being sold now (M121 and M121S) support both HDMI and AV outputs.

06. TVpad cannot identify my USB memory stick after I inserted it, and TVpad keeps asking to insert a USB stick. How to solve that issue?
Usually restarting is required before the flash drive and TF card appears. If the problem persists after restarting, try reinserting the flash drive, and if that still doesn't work, try using a different flash drive/microSD card.

07. What formats are supported by TVpad when using the TFcard (microSD) or USB flash drive?
TVpad can read drives with EXT3, Fat2, and NTFS format, but is best with EXT3.

08. Under settings -> format, what file system format does the TVpad use with the FT card/USB drive?
Linux EXT3

09. TVpad changes the TFcard format to EXT3. HOw can I then view the card's contents in a windows computer?
You can download the file Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe from our Downloading zone. Install the file into your Windows computer (supported by 2K, XP, VISTA, and Window 7), and you can then work with the content of your TF card/Flash drive under EXT3 format. For more information on Ext2Fsd, you can check their official website: Ext2Fsd Project.

10. I cannot control volume with the remote control, even after reinstalling my apps. What to do?
Go go settings and select 'Reset' to change the settings back to default, and that should solve the problem.

11. Can TVpad support only USB flash drives but not external hard drives?
You can use external hard drives with TVpad, but it requires additional external power supply.


C. Network-related Questions

01. How much internet usage is needed per hour of usage with the TVpad?
If used for 4-6 hours per day, it uses up about 20GB per month. That works out to approximately 150MB per hour. However that's just very rough estimation and it varies.

02. What is the network requirement for the TVpad?
TVpad is based on sharing and streaming data over the internet, and its apps mostly involve audio/video streaming. Therefore a minimum of 2MB of bandwidth is highly recommended for a good, uninterrupted experience.

03. Does TVpad support Wifi?
There are three ways to use Wifi to connect with the TVpad.
-Connecting the wireless network adapter (dongle) using the USB port on the TVpad
-Using wireless network bridge to connect to Wifi
-Connect with a router through the use of power line network adapters

04. What's the best way to connect my TVpad to the internet?
The best way is of course via wired connection. If the environment doesn't permit so, the second best option is to use a powerline ethernet adaptor. The last option would be to go wireless, but as stated above it will be unstable and thus advised against.

05. Which powerline ethernet adaptors are compatible with the TVpad?
Powerline ethernet adaptors usually come with three speed types- 85, 200, or 500 Mbps. In particular 85 Mbps is not very suitable for media streaming, thus 200Mbps is best for the TVpad. All brands are okay for TVpad's purposes.

06. Which wireless dongle does the TVpad support?
The wireless dongle supported is directly affected by the TVpad's firmware. Firmware v2.24 only supports one chipset- Ralink RT3070.
The TVpad Team recommends D-Link DWA-125, but not all revisions of the DWA-125 works. Rev A1 and A2 works, but rev A3 is not supported by TVpad. If DWA-125 rev A1 or A2 is not available near you, you can purchase these accessories from the official TVpad website.
For versions post-2.42, another chipset is supported- RTL8192SU. The Net Core RTL8192SU is recommended.


D. Apps-related Questions

01. Out of the box, does the TVpad require manual installation of apps before using? Where Can I download these apps?
Yes you do. The required apps are already stored inside the given TF card for M121 and in the App Garden for M121S. You can also check out TVpad's official forum for apps download.

02. Where do the programs of Movie Valley come from?
Movie Valley sources from PPS.

03. How come my newly purchased M121S v3.0 TVpad does not have the Multiplex (Comprehensive theater) app? Can that be manually installed?
Unfortunately TVpad no longer has the license for Multiplex(Comprehensive theater), thus you can only watch via Movie Valley. It does not look likely for Comprehensive theater to be supported in the future, as even if installed the user will still be denied access due to the lack of licensing.

04. When watching Live TV channels from BETV, 516, etc, is the TF card mandated for buffering?
No, the TF card is not necessary. It is only required when watchng Movie Valley. Watching live TV programs do not require the TF card.

05. How can you bookmark channels in Movie Valley?
Just select the desired channel and press favorite on your remote controller.

06. I am having trouble saving channels into my favorites in Movie Valley and Comprehensive theater. What should I do?
Resetting your TVpad to default in the settings should solve the problem.

07. How to remove channels/programs from my favorites?
Select the channel that you wish to remove, then press menu on your remote. The option to remove the channel will pop-up. Press okay and the channel will no longer be bookmarked.