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TVpad Zone's sole purpose is to offer information on the TVpad and help users with questions that we may be able to answer.

TVpad Zone is not involved in any selling or service providing of the TVpad. Using our discount code (15819288) to buy the TVpad will provide us with a bit of commission, which will allow us to continue running the TVpad Zone website. We hope to be able to continue to provide the latest news, updates, and information about the TVpad to all users, and in the meantime we hope you will continue to support us by referring our coupon code to other interested buyers. Thank you for your support!





TVpad Zone did not create any of TVpad Apps, nor are we responsible for any of the material in the Apps. As we have zero control and no authorization over the content presented within the Apps, we do not offer any download for TVpad apps.

For owners of TVpad (ver 3.xx), you can get the apps within your TVpad in the TVpad Store of App Manager. Or you can download TVpad apps from your TVpad after install the App Utilities from TVpad Store. .

For firmware download, please refer to our Firmware Upgrade section.



Other TVpad Related Download:


1. TVpad_Slingbox_Remote_v1.rar (required to connect TVpad with Slingbox, for details visit here)

2. Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe (to read/edit files stored in EXT3-format TF card and USB drives on Window)

3. Paragon.Partition.Manager.Professional.v9.0-HA_setup.exe (To change the format of TF card or USB drive to and from EXT3 on Window)

4. TVpad Coupon

5. TVPad1.0.apk (Let your Android phone or tablet remote control your TVpad, only for TVpad 3.0, for details visit here)