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Here is the TVpad v3.0 interfaces after apps installed.

Notice the first icon (App Manager) on the upper left corner. All the installations and changes will be made here.


App Manager

You can search and install apps in the "TVpad Store" section. Remove apps in the " Installed" section and install apps through USB port or microSD cards in the "Others" section.


A. How to install apps in App Manager:

Enter "TVpad Store" section of App Manager
→Choose the app you want to install

TVpad M121Sapps installation demo by dm_50178489894f7


B. How to install an App from USB drive or microSD card:

-First go to TVpad Store section to install "apps utilities" (应用搜索器), then run the "apps utilities" and find the apps you required and download to the microSD card or USB flash drive. Or you can go to TVpad's forum (tvpadfans.com) to download all the desired apps.
-Copy the downloaded PKG files into your USB flash drive or MicroSD/TF Card.
-Go to App Manager-> Others-> and then the PKG files stored in your USB drive/MicroSD card will appear.
-Install each individual app until every one is installed
-Exit back to the main screen, the apps should appear on the right side of the screen!


C. How to uninstall an App:
-Go to App Manager -> Installed section
-Select App you want to be uninstalled-> OK
-Exit back to the main screen, the selected app should be successfully removed!